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Jed's Continuing
Saga, CD, CGC, MX, MXJ

Saga is 5 years old and is also a certified Delta Therapy Dog. She visits an assisted living home weekly. She is also in training and has competed recently in HRC Started Dog in WI, also in a WC/WCX.

Jed's Marsh and Glen Liberty Bell

Libby, is not quite 2 years old but is showing tremendous potential in the hunting game. Her parents are both great performance/hunting poodles with many titles in this area. Libby is now in training to continue in the hunt test game and hopes to make her debut this year.     


This is our new male pup Leeward's Rudolpho, aka Rudi, already on birds at 15 weeks. He is from Nova Scotia and is a wonderful addition to our poodle family. He is showing great promise as a bird dog. Look for Rudi in the field in the next year.



Saga  had 2 puppies in October, a brown male, Tug and a cream girl, Creme Brule, Bru. We have kept Bru. The sire of these pups was Marsh and Glen's Indian Hills Chief, JH, RN, HRC. They are both wonderful pups. Tug now lives in WI.


In Memory of a really good friend Melissa Wojciechowski.  Click here.



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