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Jed's Kennels - Puppies

 Please call or e-mail if you are interested in a pup.

No litters planned in 2017!

Molly, our German Wirehaired pointer, will hopefully be bred in the spring of 2016!

Jed's Unsinkable Molly Brown

Previous Litter Pictures

One-week old GWP pups

The latest 12 were born Dec. 2, 2001 from the breeding of Bourbon and Gabby. We have one or two litters per year, and many of the pups are spoken for before they are even born. We'd like to talk to you at any time of the year about upcoming litters.

One week old puppies have not yet opened their eyes or developed their coat color. They start showing their adult coats and personalities by 6 weeks. We can help pick one that's just right for you

Jed's Kennels pups develop hunting instincts early. Pups begin contact with live pigeons at 6 weeks of age. Training tip: Don't overdo wing-on-a-string play; it encourages sight pointing.


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