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Ed is a professional Bird Dog trainer.  He trains all pointing breeds and also Retrievers. He most enjoys training both the owner and the dog together, teaching them to work as a team so you both can have enjoyable hunting seasons.

His sessions are usually at least 1 hour long once a week for 6 weeks.  He usually begins all dogs on pigeons, then graduates to chukars or quail. Each session is individually designed for you and your dog. He like to begin the training when your dog knows to come when called and to stay when told to stay. These 2 commands are the 2 most important in your field training or in hunting.

Please call for more information and charges.  517-522-5048

BB, Molly and Annie  on the stake out waiting their turn to train. This is how they learn, by watching the others. When it is there turn they really put forth a huge effort!
























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